London Bridge And West Bermondsey: Know Your Area

March 18, 2024

Explore London Bridge and West Bermondsey: Dive into the heart of London’s history and innovation. From Dickensian tales to modern workspaces, discover the charm of this vibrant area. Enjoy rich culture, convenient transport, and bustling communities. Find your perfect workspace with GO Bermondsey.

Home to the infamous Jacob’s Island in Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist, Bermondsey is a charming and vibrant riverside area in central London. Well-connected with London Bridge and the Tower Bridge, this neighbourhood boasts of rich heritage, cultural establishments, an impressive transport system, and lively social life.

Set along the scenic banks of the River Thames, London Bridge, and West Bermondsey is a thriving commercial area in central London and a prime location for innovative and modern office spaces. From contemporary office buildings to on-demand workspaces in central locations, the London Bridge and West Bermondsey area offers a variety of workspaces tailored to fit your unique working patterns.

About London Bridge and West Bermondsey

Renting premium offices in the London Bridge and West Bermondsey area will allow you to work in the heart of London, enjoy the best of business opportunities and city culture, and take advantage of excellent transport connectivity. But before you pick a workspace, here is all you need to know about the area.

London Bridge Area

Located in the Pool of London, London Bridge spans the River Thames from the city of London to Southwark. The neighbourhood has a lot to offer, from museums and cathedrals to shopping at the Borough Market and from bars and restaurants to picturesque views of the city from the iconic Shard. Here, sleek skyscrapers like The Shard stand tall, while historic sites add a unique charm, creating a vibrant setting for the corporate world. Easy access via London Bridge station makes commuting a breeze for employees and clients alike.

london bridge and bermondsey


Bermondsey is a lively and flourishing district of South London. Thanks to its prime location southeast of London Bridge, Bermondsey has become a popular residential location for professionals and entrepreneurs working in the city. Bermondsey also houses several modern developments and period warehouse properties that serve as great workspaces, and private office locations for professionals looking to work from within the city.

7 places near London Bridge that are ideal for offices and networking?

1. City of London

Home to the biggest law firms and the world’s largest financial institutions, the City of London is an ideal place for people in finance, law, or other professions to work in. The area is well-positioned and offers connectivity with the Liverpool Street Station, the London Bridge Station, and City Thameslink, making it perfect for your workspace needs.

2. Tanner Street

Tanner Street offers an impressive location and a prestigious address for your business in the heart of the city. It has an extensive collection of vibrant cafes and restaurants. Choosing a private office on Tanner Street, such as GO Bermondsey, will allow you to experience the best of the city from a thoughtfully designed, well-furnished office space.

3. Soho

Soho is one of the trendiest locations in London, housing some of London’s top film production, media, and advertising companies. With well-established connectivity with Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus, and even Heathrow, an office space in Soho is an appealing choice for professionals.

4. Mayfair

Mayfair is another prestigious office location near London Bridge, renowned for its luxury hotels, galleries, and high-end shopping. The area is well-connected with the rest of the city through a great network of roads and tubes, making it one of the best locations for private offices and meetings with clients.

5. Southbank

For businesses and professionals looking for a prime location in London with a rich local culture, Southbank is an excellent location. It has some of London’s most renowned cultural institutions and offers a vibrant social life, which makes it a popular office location.

6. Farringdon

Farringdon offers plenty of networking opportunities with its variety of restaurants, bars, shops, and art galleries. The location offers exceptional amenities, along with good connectivity with the rest of the city.

7. Shoreditch

Located in London’s East End, Shoreditch has emerged as a prime hotspot for offices near London Bridge. Its lively atmosphere, and proximity to the Silicon Roundabout make it a great location for business growth and networking.

Why is it beneficial to have an office near London Bridge and West Bermondsey?

Having an office near London Bridge have many great benefits:

Great transport connectivity

The London Bridge and West Bermondsey area offers a well-established transportation network of roads and the tube. The extension of the Jubilee Line between London Bridge and Canada Water makes it a strategic business location, with Canary Wharf just two stops away.
The Bermondsey Bus Station also connects you to Shoreditch, Waterloo, and Victoria with a direct route.

An excellent entrepreneurial community

The Blue Bermondsey BID (Business Development District) plays a key role in making this location ideal for businesses and professionals. With its mission to improve the area for work and businesses, the Blue Bermondsey organisation continually works to encourage investment and initiatives to make this district more accessible to businesses.

A creative community

Bermondsey is one of London’s up-and-coming areas for young professionals to work, network, and grow. Thanks to its rich entrepreneurial culture, you can network with a lot of like-minded professionals and unlock opportunities.

How do you reach GO Bermondsey from London Bridge?

GO Bermondsey is located at Tanner Street SE1 on Tower Bridge Road. It takes around 7 minutes to walk from London Bridge station to Tanner St.
Turn left out of the station from the St Thomas St exit, turn right onto Bermondsey St, and finally turn left onto Tanner St, SE1.

Why Choose GO Bermondsey as your rented office space?

If you are looking for a premium office in Bermondsey, GO Bermondsey is perfect for your unique workspace needs. Housed within the warehouse buildings of what was previously a vinegar brewery, GO Bermondsey offers fully furnished private office spaces and meeting rooms in London. Equipped with a distinct aesthetic and state-of-the-art amenities, GO Bermondsey can easily handle all your office space requirements. The offices are thoughtfully designed to offer you a quiet and aesthetically pleasing space to work in. At GO Bermondsey, we provide scalable and flexible office space solutions that will grow with you. Our prime location helps foster a strong culture of community, growth, and innovation. Schedule a visit to GO Bermondsey on Tanner Street and explore the best in office spaces.

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