What is Managed Office Space? A Comprehensive Guide

February 20, 2024

Managed office spaces are fully equipped office spaces that are managed by a third-party provider. This enables businesses to focus on their main operations.

Do you know managed office space is a workspace where businesses can operate without worrying about the day-to-day management of the office environment?

Many companies, startups and solopreneurs are preferring renting managed office space due to its flexibility, no worry in daily maintenance tasks, and cost efficiency. According to JLL, a leading global real estate services firm, the demand for flexible office space, including managed offices, is expected to grow by an average of 30% annually for the next five years in major markets across the globe.

In this article we will learn in detail about managed office space and how to choose the best managed office space in the UK. So, let’s get started

What is a Managed Office Space?

A managed office space is a customised workspace arrangement which is managed for you by a third-party provider. Managed offices are an excellent choice for businesses in need of fully equipped office spaces created especially with their requirements in mind. From finding the required space and designing it to overseeing the administrative tasks, everything is taken care of in managed office spaces. This enables businesses to focus on their main operations, while a skilled team manages the entire office on their behalf.

What is Included in a Managed Office Space?

A managed office space usually offers a range of amenities in order to give businesses a convenient and comfortable working environment. Some of the common features included in a managed office space are as follows:

  1. Fully-furnished Workspace: Managed office spaces are fully equipped with desks, chairs, and other pieces of furniture that businesses require to work comfortably.
  2. Modern Amenities: These offices provide and maintain basic facilities and infrastructure, including electricity, water, heating, air conditioning, power backup, phone lines, and high-speed internet access.
  3. Access to Meeting Rooms: Managed offices provide access to meeting rooms furnished with audio-visual equipment and conference facilities, which enables businesses to hold conferences, meetings, and presentations.
  4. Kitchen and Breakout Areas: These office spaces come with kitchen facilities and breakout rooms where employees can unwind and socialise.
  5. Reception and Concierge Services: Many managed office spaces have reception and concierge services, which can help businesses with administrative tasks, including handling mail and calls, setting up meeting rooms, etc.
  6. On-Site Support Staff: In addition to reception services, some managed offices also provide on-site support staff to help with technical assistance and IT issues.
  7. Cleaning and Maintenance Facilities: Regular cleaning and maintenance services are provided by managed office spaces to keep the workspace neat and organised.
  8. Security: These office spaces have security protocols in place, including surveillance cameras and secure entry points, to ensure the safety of employees and their possessions.

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What are the Advantages of Renting a Managed Office Space?

Renting a managed office space offers several benefits for businesses of all sizes. Here are some of its key benefits:

benefits of managed office space

  1. Cost-effective: Managed offices provide a range of leasing options, including short-term and long-term contracts, which enable businesses to utilise only what they need. These offices cover everything from utilities and furniture to additional expenses at a monthly, quarterly or annual charge.
  2. Flexibility: Managed offices work well for businesses whose requirements for space fluctuate. Instead of committing to a large office, they can start small and scale up or down as needed, avoiding unnecessary costs.
  3. Focus on Productivity: Managing day-to-day operations in a traditional office can be time-consuming and may divert attention from core business activities. However, in a managed office, a third party takes care of maintenance, security, and amenities. It enables business owners to concentrate on their work without having to worry about administrative responsibilities.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Managed offices provide businesses with excellent networking opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals. These opportunities include events, seminars, and workshops where businesses can network and discover opportunities for expansion.
  5. Fully-equipped Space: Managed offices are fully equipped with all the essentials required to run a business, such as high-speed internet, phone systems, and office supplies. They also provide access to common areas like conference rooms, kitchens, and reception services where employees may network, collaborate, and work in a professional setting.
  6. Professional Image and Brand Recognition: Managed offices help businesses portray a professional image to their clients. These spaces can be tailored to reflect a company’s style and values. In addition to drawing customers, this promotes a conducive working environment for employees.

What is the Difference Between a Managed Office and a Serviced Office?

The table below illustrates the differences between a managed office and a serviced office:

Aspect Managed Office Serviced Office


Typically leased by well-established businesses for a longer term Typically leased by newer businesses for a short-term
Payment You pay for the entire space and are allowed to add as many desks as you want You can either rent a single desk or an entire floor and pay for each desk separately
Privacy You get access to private meeting rooms that offer additional security and flexibility The meeting rooms are shared by other businesses, too, and need to be booked in advance
Customisation Tailored to meet your business needs, covering everything from interior design ideas to brand logos It offers little opportunity for brand customisation, with the exception of a few features that can be altered to accommodate requirements
Setup Time Once the terms are finalised, the host will need some time to set up the office space according to your specific needs You can move in right after you sign the agreement
Additional Charges There are no additional charges since everything is included in a single payment Certain landlords may charge extra for the exclusive use of meeting rooms or specific areas

Which Types of Businesses Benefit from Managed Offices?

Managed offices provide a flexible workspace solution for various types of businesses. They work well for:

  • Startups and Small Businesses: Managed offices provide a comprehensive package that covers everything you require – from utilities and furniture to additional expenses. All these are included in a single monthly fee, eliminating the hassle of managing office expenses every month.
  • Growing Businesses: As your business expands, managed spaces make it easy to adjust the size of your workplace. You can use more space when you need it or less when you don’t.
  • Established Enterprises: If your business is well-established, managed offices can be used for temporary workspaces or for project-based teams.
  • Remote Teams: If you have a remote team, managed offices provide a physical location to work together, which encourages teamwork and collaboration.

Will a Managed Office Space be Suitable for Your Business?

Here are five essential factors to take into account to help you decide if a managed office space is suitable for your business:

  • Location and Accessibility: Examine the location of the managed office space in relation to your business needs. Choose a space that is easily accessible for both your team and clients. Take into account proximity to public transportation, and amenities like restaurants and cafes. A convenient location can positively impact the efficiency of your business operations.
  • Cost: Pricing is a crucial consideration to keep in mind. Evaluate the pricing structure of the managed office space to ensure it fits within your budget. Managed office spaces can be expensive, so do weigh the value of amenities and services provided against the overall expenses.
  • Infrastructure: Make sure the rent covers essential services like high-speed internet, a phone connection, postal service, sanitation, and maintenance.
  • Size and Flexibility: The cost and location of your business will determine the ideal office size. Do not choose a space that is excessively large or small. Choose a space that strikes a balance across all the parameters. Also consider the flexibility of the managed office space in adapting to the evolving needs of your business.
  • Design and Layout: Make sure the office design reflects your business values. You can customise the design to meet the requirements of your business.

How to Find a Managed Office Space in London?

Follow these 6 steps to find a managed office space in London:

How to Find a Managed Office Space in London

  1. Figure Out What You Need: Determine your office space needs, including budget, size, and amenities required.
  2. Look Around: Identify suitable locations in London based on your business preferences and needs.
  3. Check Online: Look through websites that provide a list of managed office spaces available for rent.
  4. Visit Sites: Check office premises in person to assess the environment and figure out if they meet your needs.
  5. Read What Others Say: Read what other businesses have to say about the managed office spaces you have chosen to get an idea of what it is like.
  6. Keep Flexibility in Mind: Look for providers offering flexible lease terms so they can easily adapt to your business’s expansion or modification.

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